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VAT Returns

“Being able to tailor for your specific business (whether that be small or large), you can rest assure that your VAT expectations and responsibilities are in good hands”

If you need to register your business for VAT, you will need to know the process. This will only apply if your business sales exceed the minimum threshold statutory limit, and if they do not then you are exempt.


A growing phenomenon is to voluntarily registration, just to make sure finances are kept regulated for personal reasons. Whether that is for budgeting purposes, general performance analysis and generally for owners to see the business in regards to financials.


This process can help an accountant claim back VAT by meeting taxation expectations, and giving HMRC a fair and true representation of the financial aspect of the business.

Whether you may opt to use any of the schemes is solely down to the management or owners of the business and will vary depending on your specific business circumstances.

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