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Tax Returns

“Every tax return will differ, and the deadlines for tax returns differ too. Even the simplest tax return can be complicated, and tax return deadline knowledge is key”


A self-assessment involves the completion of an online tax return (previously done on paper) that is sent to HMRC. This will include your annual income, and will be analyzed by the HMRC to work out your tax bill.


Please note, every tax return will differ depending on your circumstances, and you may have to complete additional sections if it applies to you. Failure to submit a tax return by the given deadline can incur additional penalties and interest charges.


If you are working for an employer, your employer generally works out your taxes. However, an accountant must submit a tax return if you are self-employed, a company director, or have foreign income.


We differentiate from our competitors by walking you through your finances, and guiding you on where we have saved tax, and where you continue saving taxes. 

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